O Lord You’re Beautiful

I’ts a little after eight AM and I’m sitting in a cabin at La Push, WA watching the waves crash on the beach. The sun is just peeking through the clouds and again I’m reminded just how beautiful the Lord is.

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There are those that don’t believe in God. Remarkable. Have they been to a place like La Push? To have so much faith to believe that there was no crafter of this planet is amazing to me.

There has to be a God. The evidence is staring me in the face. He combines beauty, science, art and the creative. I marvel at His works.

There are those that don’t believe in God. They say we came to be through an evolving species that started with a single cell. I’m laughing right now as I see the waves crashing on the beach. Is that Bill Mahr out there bobbing up and down in the surf? No, probably just my imagination but I wonder if he were out there trying to swim in the 5-10 foot surf would he call out to a God he mocks?

There has to be a God. My dad was  released from the hospital this week after suffering not one, not two but three attacks to his heart. He is recovering well, the doctors were amazing. What is it about doctors that drive them to help heal the sick? What sparked the idea for a hospital or to heal those that are sick?

Jesus was that spark. He healed the sick and taught others to do the same. The lack of faith from believers that prevents us from performing miracles is irrelevant  The concept is the same. Establishments with very smart and qualified doctors, are set up to care and heal the sick. This concept came from God.

There are those that don’t like God, think he’s vengeful  Another fascinating thought. “I believe in God” they may say, “I just hate Him.” They hate him because their perspective is centered around themselves. I have no sympathy for them.

There has to be a God and He is loving. Did you know we used to think the world was flat? That if we took a ship across the see we would fall over the Earth’s cliff? Did you also know that we thought the universe was centered around the Earth? My point is that our self centered perspective is wrong. We think that what we have is ours when it is not, it is Gods. God can give and take freely in our life. We use the scriptures to help understand the mind of God better but ultimately He is God and He is good.

Our attitude shouldn’t be ‘why me God? Why did you do this to me? My dad made a comment that the reason he was in the hospital had nothing to do with God and what God wants for his life. It had everything to do with not treating his body, not eating right year after year after year. Things in life happen to us. Bad things. There are even more tragedies on the horizon since our country is turning it’s back on God. Not because God is doing it but because as a nation we want God to back off and He loves us enough to do just that allowing evil to establish a reign.

I wish you were here with me to marvel at God’s beauty.

Out til Monday.


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