to La Push and beyond!

Today Lindsay and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day a week late with our annual trip to La Push, WA.

edmonds ferry

We stay at the Quileute Resort right on the water and over the years several other couples have joined us.  This year we have three couples joining us.  On our way to La Push we are stopping at Cafe Garden where they have literally the best burger I have ever had.  That alone is worth the trip.

Why La Push you ask? Well, Lindsay is a big fan of the Twilight series and I am a good husband. 🙂 I would advise all husbands to recognize what your wife likes and do it.


Joining us on the trip this year is a new couple from East of the mountains and we are celebrating her 40th birthday.


My dad (along with my mom) after recovering from a heart attack last week, is watching the kiddos for the day and loving every moment of it.

Short blog today folks! I’m off to enjoy a much needed vacation!

I’ll try to find a wi-fi signal tomorrow so I can post Saturday’s blog.



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