What if the Federal Government representatives were paid based on the average US income?

I’m poor.  That will change but for now I’m poor.  Sometimes I sit back and think to myself, how can I make more money.  Well, Lindsay can work and I can get a evening job officiating sports.  I could also get a better job.  This is a free country, we can apply wherever we want.

I choose to get a better job which I did in November 2012.  It’s a great opportunity to really help get out of debt.  Good base salary and commission plan.

About two weeks ago I watched the Netflix series “House of Cards.”  It was very well written and you felt like you were right in the thick of Washington politics.  I don’t know if I would recommend it though, there were several risque scenes that were not necessary.

house of cards

Anyway, I noticed in the show that the Congressman had a nice house on a nice street in a nice neighborhood.  So I did some digging.

According to a pretty cool blog by My Budget 360 the average household income in America is $46,326.  Ok that’s a little low but this is America and they can always improve their situation.

Then I looked up the salaries of our politicians starting with the Rank-and-File Members from About.com.  The current salary (2013) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year.

Wow.  Impressive.  How about the leadership?

Senate Leadership
Majority Party Leader – $193,400
Minority Party Leader – $193,400

House Leadership
Speaker of the House – $223,500
Majority Leader – $193,400
Minority Leader – $193,400

Ok, I’ll be honest here.  When I read numbers like that I want to go into politics.  Not because I’m called to be a servant of the people (settle down my church going friends – you know what I mean) but because it’s a good salary and it will help raise up a strong family.


That is not how it should be.  I should not strive to make a good living through politics. In fact the BEST and BRIGHTEST should not be in government but in the private sector  helping spark the economy.

How are these politicians ever supposed to be the voice of the people when they are so out of touch with what the average American makes?

This sickens me.  Republican, Democrat, Independent, SO WHAT. YOU MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY. 

What if their salary was based on a sliding scale of their district.  Average income for your district is X therefore your salary for the next 2-3 years is X.

Novel concept don’tcha think?

Do you know what would happen if the will of the people went for a more balanced salary for these fat cats in Washington?  They would start to leave and the positions would have to be back filled by individuals that can hear and feel the heart of the people.  Teachers don’t teach for the money and neither should our government serve for the money.


Anyone disagree with me?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Will Bridges says:

    Yeah, I agree with you on the salary of politicians. However, because of the corruption in our system I have a feeling they would make up for the difference by back door bribes or jobs when they get out of office as lobbyists. But, it’s a good place to start. The money in politics is choking the system and incentivizing the wrong things. Now… House of Cards, is an amazing series though and risque scenes or not I still think it’s worth the recommendation to others. But, I understand you have a different set of priorities on what’s good or bad than I do.

  2. Kris says:

    Interestingly enough, CNN just did an article sort of on this. It was discussing how most lawmakers have expressed that they would actually be willing to take a pay cut, but that it’s actually not that easy because they would have to pass a law to do so, and the 27th ammendment prevents them from changing their pay until AFTER the next election.

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