It’s too hard? So what!

My body aches this morning. Could barely get out of bed. The thing about getting old is you can’t really do the things you used to do all the time.  Recovery is slooooooow.  I’m a basketball junkie and this week I played Tuesday morning and Wednesday night. Combine that with lifting weights and cardio my body is demanding rest. A bummer for sure since I missed hoops this morning.

It’s hard trying to get back in shape physically. It’s hard to get back in shape spiritually as well but I say ‘so what if it’s too hard.’ (For those that don’t like where this is going you might want to stop reading now).

Still with me?  Awesome.  So I’m fasting for Lent this year. 24 hours of no solid foods one day a week until Easter Sunday.  I asked some of my closest friends to join me. A couple of them did, which I’m grateful for, but the others did not. It was too hard.

There are so many things that we could deny ourselves that would yield positive results.

  • We could eat right which would improve our health.
  • For every hour we spend watching TV we could pray which would open our ears to hear God speaking to us (He has never stopped you know).
  • We could restrict facebook viewing to 5 minutes a day and with the time we saved read a book that increased our skill.

We could do all these things but it’s just too hard.

So if it’s too hard, why not just say that when you don’t want to do things that are too hard.  Enough with the other excuses.  My kids will play team sports because it teaches them to deny what they may want or thnk for the better of the team.  Regardless of how hard it is.

I’ve been working at a desk job for many years now. I’ll never forget 1997. It was my first ‘real job.’ I wore slacks a pressed dress shirt, worked from 9-5pm, made more money and I was BUMMED.  The reason I was bummed is my dream of being a full time rock star were starting to slip away.

The lyrics that started one of my songs back then went like this:

Been raised in a school of hard knocks
Now I’m looking down from my corporate office
Gotta pay the bills, gotta make money
So why do I feel like a sell-out honey?

I had become a sell out. Prior to working a 9-5 corporate job I worked labor.  Working outside on the roof or in the field, it was hard work.  After all these years, no matter how hard my desk job gets I don’t get the same feeling of satisfaction as I did working outside. There is something about hard physical labor that you can look back on with tremendous gratification that doesn’t come with a desk job.

The same thing holds true with the hard things of life. When you complete your hard task at life, whatever it may be, the gratification is marvelous.

It’s hard to not eat for 24 hours. But when you do finally eat, you know you sacrificed something for God and it was well worth it.

It’s hard to go to a super bowl party when everyone else is eating Pizza, Buffalo Wings and drinking pop to eat the bowl of salad you brought from home. But when you are alone and you cautiously step on that scale to see you lost two pounds in a week, it was worth it.

It’s hard to walk 1, 2, 3 miles in a day to strengthen your heart and improve your overall health. “There is no time” or “I’m too tired” STOP WITH THE EXCUSES ALREADY UNLESS YOU WILL SAY THE ONLY EXCUSE THAT IS TRUE.

It’s just too hard.

too hard

My response of ‘so what’ comes from my old football coach, well, I can’t forget about my drill sergeant too. So what if it’s hard!  Do what you are supposed to do! Look past what is hard and focus on what you want to accomplish. If you don’t know what you want to accomplish then that is another topic of discussion.

In the meantime, set a goal, any goal and push through and embrace the hardness.  You will be very thankful in the end.  Nobody wants to look like Dawson does in that pic.  Such a wuss.

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