Ever have one of those days?

Ugh, tonight was not a good night.


I got home and was especially irritable.  Don’t know why but my five year old son still being afraid of turning on the bath water set me on the crabby course.

I hate the crabby course…especially on the night we have family devotions.

Maybe it’s that I didn’t eat much today, maybe it was my commute home or that I haven’t had a lot of sleep the past two days, either way it’s unacceptable to be a crabby daddy.

I’m glad that kids have short memories and that the Lord forgives crabby people, hopefully my wife will forgive me as well.

Am I alone in this or do others have bad days resulting in being a pill to everyone that loves you?  Would love to know what you do to cope when attacked by the crabbies.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Zane says:

    Yes, I have too many of these

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