Believe in yourself

Our family is going to Great Wolf Lodge this spring and Taya J has been asking about spending money and what she can do to get some.  I’ve offered her a $1 for every rebound she gets and $2 for every shot she makes.  She had a different look in her eye for today’s game and boy was I ever proud.


No that’s not Pocahontas, that’s Taya J!

Luke had a bad game this morning and how I judge my kids on a good or bad game is by the amount of effort they give (I was a basketball coach for many years you know).  Luke didn’t give any effort this morning, too much Saturday morning cartoons maybe.  I was disappointed so on our way to Taya’s game I drilled the kids on giving 100% and explained that we have to give our all.  It is what God asks us to do with every part of life:  school, sports, music, etc.  We are to do everything with a whole and happy heart.   I didn’t realize Taya would take that instruction to heart with reckless abandon.

We get to the gym for Taya’s game and she wants to wear the headband.  No problem, I give it to her before warm ups.

The first thing I noticed when I sat down was the gym supervisor lowering the rims from 10 feet to 8 feet.  FINALLY!  I thought to myself and that made all the difference.

In warm ups Taya made her first shot.  Her look of surprise quickly went away after she hit the next three.  I watched her slowly start to gain confidence and believe in herself.

Taya was playing point guard and dribbled the ball from the back court to the front court only she kept dribbling.  In fact she dribbled to the rim and shot it.  Just like practice the ball swished through.  After making the shot she ran back to play defense and that look in her eye hadn’t left yet.

The next possession for our gals from CP resulted in the same thing; Taya J hitting a corner shot.  We all cheered! The score was 4-0 and we were winning!!!  The other parents in the gym looked back at Lindsay and me asking where we got our headband.  🙂

This day didn’t belong to a headband it belonged to a girl that was scared at the beginning of the season to play and was now a confident, almost cocky, basketball player.

I think life is a lot like that.  At first we don’t know what we are doing and with each shot we make we can slowly start to believe in ourselves.  For me, when I play hoops, I always start with layups so my eyes will see me making basket after basket.  It doesn’t matter that I’m so close, I am seeing something that will happen later in the game when I’m being defended.

In life, take the close shots first.  Make sure you are seeing your success back to back to back before you come out to the three point line.  Confidence and believing in yourself is crucial in living a fulfilled life.  Regardless of how many baskets you make, you need to take a shot.  Just ask Taya J she made two shots but shot 10 times and collected six rebounds.


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