The Heart of a Lion

I’m just getting home from spending a few hours in the hospital.  My dad suffered a heart attack tonight but we got him to the hospital in time and it looks like everything is going to be ok.

What’s interesting is he has a very strong heart, just damaged arteries.  Why this is interesting is because he has been in and out of the Seattle VA Hospital regarding his damaged gallbladder and they never mentioned complications with anything to do with the heart.

My dad was scheduled to have his gallbladder removed at least three times by the VA Hospital over the past three months.  The last time (two weeks ago) the doctor called in sick stating that he had the flu.  This was pretty much the last straw for us so we starting asking my dad to consider going somewhere else to get the gallbladder removed.  It was frustrating that we had to wait so long for the VA to get their act together.

Here’s where it gets good in regards to God always caring and looking out for us.  Today’s doctor stated that if the gallbladder surgery had taken place two weeks ago my dads arteries would not have been able to support the trauma.  In other words he would have had a heart attack in the middle of surgery and lost his life.

Sometimes we don’t know why God is allowing things to happen that aren’t fitting with our plans.  With a situation like this it’s good to know that God had our back the entire time, trust in Him all of your days!

My dad is resting and should be fine in just a couple of days.  God is so good on this Family Friday.

I’m out.




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