What if Lebron James was better than Michael Jordan?


For this What If Wednesday I have to chime in on this ridiculous debate that Lebron is fast approaching MJ’s greatness.  Michael turns 50 years old and Lebron is in a zone that we haven’t seen in the NBA, but let’s not kid ourselves:  Lebron James is no Michael Jordan.

To start we have to look at the makeup of the man.  Lebron James literally quit on his team in three playoff series.  His last two while in Cleveland (the last one was the most noticeable)  and first finals series vs the Mavericks.

Michael wouldn’t allow himself to ever quit on his teammates.  Do you remember the flu game vs Utah in the finals? Dang, I still remember that day. True greatness marveled by everyone (I rooted against MJ in every finals game and was disappointing every time).

Every kid in America that grew up watching Jordan would imitate his greatness.  Whether you had your tongue hanging out of your mouth or took the ball with seconds left in an imaginary game to hit the game winner, you were Jordan.

How do you imitate Lebron while shooting the ball by yourself?  Put up a prop that you can pass to?  Part of Lebron’s greatness is you never know what Lebron will do.  Guess what?  EVERYONE knew what MJ was going to do and they still couldn’t stop him.

Lebron had to form the Big 3 to get his ring.  Jordan never had to and would have never done that to his legacy or city.  He was fiercely competitive and nothing would stand in his way.  I’m sure he’s still like that today with other aspecs of his life (except his team the Charlotte Bobcats of course).

There is so much Lebron has to overcome for those of us that remember Jordan’s greatness.  If Lebron continues his torrid pace this year we will talk about it for years to come and yet he’ll only have two rings.  In my opinion, he’ll have to win four more titles with Miami then a couple more to make up for the series he quit on to be the greatest of all time.

I’m tired and i’m out.


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