“Are you a Christian? Then yes, I can judge you.”

don't judge me

Well, it was another night of flag football and boy was it a dandy.  Below is one of the conversations I had with a player tonight.

“Jesus!” the QB said followed with a “Fu– Me”

“Are you praying?” I asked.

“What?” he answered?

“I heard you call on Jesus’ name.  Were you praying?”  I asked again.

“Yeah, I was.” He answered with some irritation in his voice.

“That’s great” I said, then added “I just heard you drop the F-bomb after you called on Jesus and, well, the two really don’t go together.”

“You can’t judge me.” He said.  “You aren’t allowed to judge.” Repeating it almost as if to call me out (hmm was he judging me for judging him).


This is what people say that think they know a thing or two about the bible.  They think back to the ‘cast the first stone’ line that Jesus gave and think they can do what they want, how they want, and when they want thinking a stone can’t be cast. 

Amateurs, here’s the deal…

1.  If we are going to the Seahawks vs the 49ers game at the Clink and I pick you up only to see that you are wearing a 49er hat – I will judge you.

2.  If you come to my house and I see that you didn’t put your 2 year old in a car seat – I will judge you. 

In other words if rules have been set and we both are to adhere to the rules we can judge. That includes rules in the bible like using the Lord’s name in vain (not to mention it’s a violation of the profanity rule).  Now, back to the story. 

“Are you a Christian?” I asked.

“Yes, yes I am” he said, a little surprised by the question.

“Then I can judge you.” I responded confidently and by this time his teammates and players from the other team were starting to gather around.

“No you can’t” he said pushing back a bit.

“Yes I can” I repeated (a little slower). I followed up with, “you see because I’m a Christian and you are Christian we are allowed to judge based on the biblical principals set in the good book.  That’s what it says.”

He looked at me with a blank stare.  Like ‘who is this guy?’ stare.  His teammates were laughing and players from the other team were saying ‘don’t mess with the head ref.’

The mood was actually pretty good, I spotted the ball for a first down and got in my position giving the last word:  “my daddy was a preacher, I know my stuff.”  We didn’t talk about that particular instance for the rest of the game.  He also didn’t use profanity the rest of the game either.

Here’s the bottom line.  The rules we have for football are: no profanity across the line or loud enough for people on the sidelines to hear.  “Jesus” is a part of the profanity rule unless of course you are praying for his assistance in which I will gladly join you in calling upon the name of the King of Kings.

If not, if you are using the name profanely, and loud enough for others to hear, I can throw the penalty flag which would cost your team 10 yards and loss of down.

Too many people in this world don’t like to be corrected.  They want to do what they want and may even scoff at rules that are set in place.  This is the fault of their parents. I really can’t blame the kid for how does he know unless someone says something.

That someone is me.




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