Focus on the End Goal

Blogging again was always part of my plan but I just never got around to it.  I knew that eventually I would need to but since I hadn’t started it was easy to put off.  Here is what I know about blogging:  stay consistent.  In other words if you are going to blog once a month, blog once a month.  Once a week, blog once a week, daily, then blog daily (you get the picture).  Readers need to know that when they arrive at your blog there is fresh content. 

This was going to be hard since my goal was to write a blog Monday-Saturday (resting on Sunday) and regardless of how long or short of a blog, I just needed to make sure to write SOMETHING on those days.  Then the Lord gave me a fantastic idea (I always love it when He does something like that).  He gave me an idea to incorporate themes that match the first letter of the day.  So if I’m stuck I can always go back to one of the themes.  I’m always a little sluggish on Mondays so the theme for Mondays are my two loves:  Movies and Music and  motivating others (including myself).  Call it Motivation Monday if you will.  


I read a blog from a good friend today at The Fit Lady Chronicles and she wrote about motivation and how sometimes it is lacking.  I agree 100% the trick with staying motivated is focusing on the end goal and not the daily routine of getting us to our end goal. 

There are several things that I’m focusing on for my end goals in 2013.  

1.  Get to my target weight.  
Sometimes people give me a hard time with this one because they don’t think I’m at a place that I need to lose weight.  I hear the jeers and sometimes it causes me to lose focus but there is never an anger element to continuing on my journey to achieve this goal of reaching my target weight.  I’m not a fan of having a chip on my shoulder because I know that getting to a target weight is simply staying disciplined throughout the process.  Friends that may try and sway you differently are only doing that so they can feel comfortable about their current state.  The Fit Lady has been a tremendous testimony for me getting back in shape.  Her results show me that if I stick to my plan I will achieve my goal.   

2.  Become debt free
Ok, this one is going to kick my butt.  Like literally kick my butt.  I have no discipline when it comes to impulse buying.  When I see something I like (insert John Madden’s “BOOM”) I buy it.  In the past I didn’t really care that I had a debt since I have the best retirement plan known to man – mansion in Heaven baby.  

But what I’ve found out recently is that debt is a poor witness of Christ and border line sin.  Gasp, ok, now I feel real bad and something has to change.  For the first time in my life I have an end goal of being debt free.  When I focus on ‘debt free’ I put things that I may want to purchase back on the shelf and walk out of the store empty handed.  Great tip I read: put everything you want in your cart, walk around the store then put it back on the shelf.  Your impulse has been met and you save money. 🙂

So for this motivational Monday I would ask that you set the goal you want to accomplish then don’t spend emotional time in the weeds (everyday junk).  Your plans are bigger so do your best and forget the rest!  (Thanks Tony Horton)


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