Introducing Thankful Thursdays

My blogging had to be different this time around.  I’ve been writing since 1995 and unfortunately don’t have any of that work saved except my stories.  Since this is my new ‘voice’ I wanted to write things that could provoke thought and have the reader understand who I am.  The hardest part about this first week was when I sat down to write I had to think about what to say.  The below schedule will help with a theme that I can think about prior to writing the blog.  I hope you join me on this journey and spread the word.

Movie, Music, Motivational Mondays  braveheart salt logo
The theme for Monday will be things that involve my love for movie’s and music or you just may get a kick in the pants to help motivate you for the week.

Technology Tuesdays  gadgets
I am gadget guy, looooove new gadgets.  You’ll get my thoughts on what’s cool and hip out there.  I’m also the founder of a cool company that will feature technologies that the recreational sports world desprately needs.

What If Wednesdays thought
Probably one of my favorites.  I used to love reading What If comics by Marvel growing up.  It allows me to be creative in presenting an idea to the world.  I’m sure I will eventually offend all groups of people.

Thankful Thursdays thankful
This one took some time and I had to ask my kids what theme could be used for Thursdays.  I asked them, ‘what does daddy love?’  Luke responded with ‘you love to be fat.’ (I should probably stop singing my original song: Big Fat Daddy).  Taya said ‘you love football.’  Yes I do loooove football.  ‘Talk radio’ was shouted out and I actually paused to think about a themed day for talk radio.  Nah.  Then Luke told me that mamma found one of his PSP games.  That was so cool since one of Luke’s prayer request for the week was to find his PSP games.  I said, ‘Thank you Lord!’  Then it hit me.  Thankful Thursdays.  Booya.

Family, Flashback Fridays family 20yrsold
Trust me, writing about Family could be enough.  Flashback…wow…this should be fun.  I’ve got some crazy experiences in my life. 

Sports, Story Saturday SEATTLE_SEAHAWKS atllogo msonceuponatime
I’m a big sports guy so Saturday’s should be fun.  I’ve also got hundreds of stories in my head.  Most of them have been written in song but there are plenty to choose from to share with my readers. 

Rest on Sunday rest
Sunday will be my day of rest.

So for this Thankful Thursday I’m thankful that the Lord has given me a blogging schedule that will be easy to keep up.

I’m out.


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