My Debt is preventing me from my Destiny

OK, I must admit.  I’ve become a big Rick Warren fan.  His daily devotional is rocking my world and most recently his commentary about debt has really hit home.  I have a lot of debt and I’ve been bugging the Lord for the past four years with the ‘how long’ question before I reach my destiny.   I know my destiny.  I am the founder of Soapbox Pictures and I will release films that tell thought provoking stories.


Unfortunately my debt is preventing me from getting the education I need to take my stories to the next level.  Reading the devotional by Rick Warren is helping me understand that there is a connection from not yet reaching my destiny and the amount of debt I have.   Here is a insert from one of his devotionals

And this is why it is important — If God told you to go do something right now, some of you couldn’t do it because you are in such financial bondage.

Over the last two weeks I’ve accepted this and will start in 2013 to address it.  All I can say is better late then never and God hasn’t given up on me yet.  Giddy Up and thanks so much Rick Warren!


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