“Jesus Christ!”

I’m an official for a flag football league played in Kirkland, WA through Comeback Sports.  and last Tuesday night it was rainy…I did not want to be there.  When officiating what is supposed to be a recreational game of flag football you will always get some knuckle head that will ask a stupid questions like:

“Hey ref is there holding in this league?”

“Yes” I answer back (sometimes).

“Well, could you watch that then?” is asked with a sarcastic tone.

I get that all the time, it comes with the territory.  What amazes me about grown men and playing flag football is their mouth.  It seems every play someone is dropping the F bomb or using some sort of curse word.  Doesn’t matter that there may be three or four children on the sidelines.

To be honest, I hate it but I try to let it go and give warnings instead of throwing the yellow hankie…like last Tuesday in the rain for example.  Image

Player on sideline:   “Jesus Christ!” after I called their team for a penalty.

Me from on the field:  Didn’t say a thing.

Player on sideline later in the game:  “Jesus Christ!” because he thought I should have called a penalty.

Me from on the field:  “Where?”

Player on the sideline three minutes later:  “Jesus Christ!” regarding one of the other team’s player catching a touchdown after he thought the player stepped out of bounds.

Me from on the field and turning to look at the bench:  “Are you praying?”

Player on the sideline looking at me:  “What? What did you say?”

Me briskly walking to him and in a Samuel L. Jackson tone:  “Do you know Jesus? Because I know Him very well and can introduce you to Him if you don’t know Him.”  (Add stare down).

Player on the sideline staring back at me with a smirk: “No thank you.”

Me walking away:  “Then stop using profanity before I throw my flag.”

I’m probably the kind of guy that Jesus would work on changing so I could be more like Him since I get so fired up when people disrespect my King.  Kind of like pulling out a sword and cutting off a soldier’s ear.  Yep, I’m that kind of guy.

The good news is God isn’t finished with me yet.  The better news is that God won’t accept me for who I am.  He wants me to strive for living in holiness, to be better about loving others and sharing the good news.  To not just say things like “this is who I am, I was born like this”. No, He wants me to be mold-able, to be shaped by his hands.

Should I apologize?  HECK NO!  But I will remember to keep my cool in the future when offering an invitation of Christ to a stranger.


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